Harnessing the power of teamwork

Success doesn’t just happen, it is created and requires hard work. Teamwork increases one’s ability to perform and reach levels of success not reachable by an individual. The greater the collaboration among the team, the greater success possible. High performing teams require something from each member to both be successful and to maintain success. The requirement […]


Unity is the Necessary Ingredient for Vision Accomplishment

Genesis 11:6b (NASB) “And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.” Unity is a very powerful thing. Here are some things that we need to know about unity as leaders. Definition of Unity The state of being one; oneness; a whole or totality as […]

Amplify Influence With Collaboration

Collaboration is an important ingredient to the success of any organization. Collaboration is stronger than teamwork and happens not only in the context of team, but also between teams. Definition: Collaboration is the process of function of how the team and in which individuals will achieve. What are the benefits of collaboration: Amplifies influence Leverages […]