Haver you ever thought about how we express value for something? One of the major ways that we express value is time. Time is our most valuable commodity. Whatever you give your time to is a priority. Do you give time for God’s house?

1. Heart for the House means that you have made a commitment in your heart.

“One thing have I desired…” – Ps 27:4

2. Heart for the House means that you have made a commitment to pursue Him.

“ …that will seek after…”- Ps 27:4

To seek means to earnestly search for something with the determination to find it. It isn’t a one time half-hearted look, but an on going pursuit, a persevering and strenuous effort to obtain something. Paul says it this way, “I press on that I may lay hold of that of which Christ as laid hold of me.” Phil 3:12-24

3. Heart for the House means that you have made a commitment to be placed, or planted in the House of God.

“…that I may dwell in the house of the Lord…” – Ps 27:4

To dwell means to settle down and make a place your home. It is to be established in a place. A placement decision is a God decision. It is putting your roots down in a place and being settled there. Being established is to settle in and to begin to form relationships with those around in the house. It’s a decision to commit yourself to the well-being of the house; it’s where you commit your time, your money, and your passion to the vision of the house.

4. Heart for the House means you focus on what’s important.

“…to behold the beauty of the Lord…” -Ps 27:4

To behold means to see, to consider, to perceive as the result of reflection or insight, it’s the idea of a person acting on what they see. Having a heart for God’s house is a direct result of making a decision to focus on the beauty of the Lord. We see what we look for, if you look for bad you will find it, if you look for good you will find it. Ps 63:2 says, “…so I have looked for you in the sanctuary, to see your power and your glory.” How do we focus on the good things; by your words and attitudes. Don’t be a trouble maker.

5. Heart for the House means that you are in relationship with God.

“…to inquire in His temple…” – Ps 27:4

God wants to have a relationship with you. To inquire means that you are spending time in meditation, thinking, asking. God wants to hear your heart and He wants to respond to you.  Begin to have a heart for the house and make it a priority.