Progressive is defined as increasing in extent or severity; moving forward and onward; making use of or interested in new opportunities. For something to progress or to be progressive, it must have a starting point. When we are born in the natural, we are infants. Through time, school, events and circumstances we then become mature. This is a natural progression. This process doesn’t change when we are born spiritually.


For us individually as Christians, our spiritual birth is when we put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This faith is then developed into a process of growing us into Christ’s likeness. This is a process of spiritual progression. If faith is a process of growing into Christ’s likeness, then ministry likewise is a process of growing Christ-like men. This process in not often easy or quick. There is no instant progression from infancy to maturity. We have to go through the process.

Since we have defined ministry as a process of growing Christ-like men, how do we as a Men’s Ministry initiate or aid in this process? The way that we will initiate or aid in the process of growing Christ-like men has events that are directed towards men. When you plan an event, you will need to ask yourself: “How does the event fit into the philosophy and purpose of the Men’s Ministry and ultimately the mission of our church?”